An alternative interface to Google Analytics 4, powered by artificial intelligence. Built on Google Analytics and Anthropic's Claude by Analytics Demystified, the global leaders in digital analytics consulting.


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Functionality Free Pro Pro+
Have the Companion Analyze Your GA4 Data
Run Dozens of Pre-Created Analyses
View the Data Used in each Analysis
Generate an Executive Summary
Email Results to Anyone
Use Claude 1.2 for Analysis
Analyze Standard Metrics and Dimensions
Analyze the Past Week's Data
Use Claude 2.0 for Advanced Analysis
Analyze Custom Date Ranges
Analyze Custom Metrics and Dimensions
Conduct Multiple Analysis at Once
Save Analyses for Reuse
Voice Chat with Analytics Team AI
Email Support from Analytics Demystified
Cancel Subscription at Any Time
Chat with the Analytics Team AI
Use Claude 2.1 for High Cardinality Data
Custom AI Business Inputs
Custom Analytics Team AI Documents
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