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Web Analytics and Optimization Consulting

We have listed our current services offerings below. If you see what you're looking for get in touch with us and we can discuss how we can help your company.

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Web Analytics Demystified approaches web analytics and optimization consulting like no one else. Our firm is staffed entirely by experts — we don't have "entry level staff", junior analyst, account managers, or annoying sales people. What's more, we don't sell "hours" or "time and materials" engagements — we sell 100% client satisfaction. If you're not happy with our work for any reason we will keep working until you are.

If you're frustrated with the support you've been getting from your analytics consulting firm ... if you're tired of dealing with a "revolving door" of analysts ... if your vendor has been sold or is in danger of going out of business ... or if you're just tired of paying too much for the same old crappy results, call us.

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Strategic Audit and Transformation Roadmap

Our Strategic Audit and Transformation Roadmap engagement is designed to help any organization dramatically improve their return on investment in digital measurement, analysis, and optimization. Beginning with a Strategic Value Assessment, Senior Partners Eric T. Peterson and John Lovett will conduct a 200-point audit detailing your business' current use of technology, human resources, and business processes as well as how you govern these activities.

Strategic Value Assessment

We compare your assessment against our framework designed to maximize effectiveness by shifting the focus of digital analytics from data collection and reporting to insights and actions. Our Senior Partners will then transform your audit into a detailed 12 to 24-month strategic roadmap describing the priorities and necessary changes. This framework becomes your business’ task list to govern a digital analytics transformation.

Areas we typically explore during these sessions include:

  • Staffing and resource allocation
  • Current technology and vendor relationships
  • Management's approach and expectations for analysis
  • End-user understanding and use of analytics
  • Fundamental web analytics business processes
  • Report automation and support for self-service
  • Measurement of emerging media and technology

Our strategy work has benefited many of the best known companies around the world including Best Buy, AARP, Phillips, Dell, and many, many more. The Strategic Value Assessment and Strategy Roadmap Development offering is typically coupled with our Executive Retainer Services to ensure adherence to the plan and to account for myriad changes as they occur.

SiteCatalyst Audit and Transformation Roadmap

The Web Analytics Demystified SiteCatalyst service is designed to maximize Adobe customer's investment in web analytics as quickly and painlessly as possible. You will work directly with Senior Partner Adam Greco, the world's most recognized authority on SiteCatalyst, to evaluate and dramatically improve your entire businesses use of Adobe's web analytics solution.

Omniture Value Assessment

Adam will help you understand:

  • How your digital analytics practice compares to that of your peers
  • How your existing digital measurement efforts are creating tangible business value
  • What percentage of your investment is being used appropriately
  • Which areas of improvement are likely to produce the greatest gains

Adam's work with SiteCatalyst has helped hundreds of companies around the world including Best Buy, AutoDesk, Symantec, Nike, and more.

Testing Platform Audit and Transformation Roadmap

Testing, targeting and site optimization is perhaps the single hottest topic in the digital measurement space these days and for good reason: testing is a well-proven strategy to begin to transform digital measurement from a cost center into a profit center for the business. But testing isn’t easy — far from it, despite what some will say — and a solid testing and targeting program for your business requires more upfront consideration than most companies realize.

At Web Analytics Demystified we have helped many of the best known companies on the Internet develop and implement their testing and optimization efforts, and have worked side-by-side with clients who have literally created millions of incremental dollars from little more than solid insights and well-written test plans.

As part of our Testing Audit and Framework Development offering we will help your business:

  • Audit your existing testing and content deployment process
  • Select an appropriate vendor, if necessary, or develop in-house testing technology
  • Develop accurate and sustainable procedures to implement a testing program
  • Automate the quality assurance and “test the test” processes
  • Run a testing program from end-to-end, including implementation, test development, and analysis

We believe this last point is perhaps the most significant: if you want to get testing off the ground quickly within your business, Web Analytics Demystified has the demonstrated experience to make that happen.

Adobe Analytics and Google Analytics Implementation

Web Analytics Demystified provides a wide range of implementation services designed to provide the greatest return on investment and truly maximize the downstream efficiency of any team relying on the accuracy of their data. By optimizing implementation offerings through standardized processes and technological automation our clients create sustainable, repeatable processes to eliminate the natural chaos that can exist between all of the touch points found within a "move-to-production" model.

We collaborate with Development and Operational teams to deliver the following types of services:

  • Operational process architecture to establish appropriate development governance
  • Functional gap analysis to identify missing business, analytical, or reporting requirements
  • Technical requirements analysis to support the functional deployment of digital measurement and optimization technologies across one or many sites
  • Ongoing development support and hands-on assistance
  • Technical automation process development
  • Data architecture planning and support

Web Analytics Demystified have led and participated in many of the most complex and comprehensive digital measurement system deployments in the past ten years and have both the experience and technical knowledge required to save your business significant costs and headaches.

Ongoing Reporting, Analysis, and Staff Development

Without a doubt, the single most important component of any digital measurement program is people. Hard-working researchers to pull the right data, smart analysts to translate the data into valuable insights, and sophisticated managers to present those insights in such a way that management can use them to take action. Unfortunately all too many companies have far too few people focused on digital measurement efforts internally. The reasons are myriad — no budget, hard to find qualified staff, salaries are too high, etc. — but at the end of the day, not having people committed to ongoing reporting and analysis destroys nearly all of your investment in measurement technology.

Web Analytics Demystified can help you solve your people problem. Our analysts have worked in the measurement industry for a minimum of three years, either for a major vendor like Adobe Analytics or a business powerhouse like Salesforce.com, Ariba, or HP. Through our Ongoing Reporting and Analysis service offering, Web Analytics Demystified can:

  • Provide mentoring and staff augmentation to your current digital measurement team
  • Assume responsibility for whatever level of regular reporting you require
  • Assume responsibility for the regular production of analysis and insights
  • Provide regular reporting to whichever lines or levels of business you require
  • Create new reports, improve existing reports, and help sunset reports that don’t work

Our most popular offering, and one that can be leveraged by nearly any size business, our Ongoing Reporting, Analysis, and Staff Development service can help you profoundly transform your investment in measurement.

Social Analytics Audit and Transformation Roadmap

Social media is the fastest emerging channel in the digital spectrum, and while many companies are investing heavily in their social marketing activities few have taken the time to create strategic plans for measuring this investment. In many cases analytics is the afterthought and costly initiatives launch without adequate measures of success in place.

Web Analytics Demystified has applied our significant experience measuring and analyzing online properties to social media. The result is our Social Analytics Framework, co-authored with Jeremiah Owyang and Charlene Li of Altimeter Group. Developed by the forward-most thinking professionals in digital measurement and analysis, we deliver an offering like none other.

The Social Analytics Audit and Strategy Roadmap provides clients with:

  • Strategic alignment of corporate objectives and social media measures of success
  • Program level perspective on metrics that matter to your business
  • Recommendations for social media data collection and analysis
  • Business user training on the value of social media metrics
  • A scalable framework that transcends channels by covering the business

Regardless of whether you are focused on Twitter, Facebook, or something completely new in social media, Web Analytics Demystified’s Senior Partners are here to help you establish a program for social media analytics.

Training and Educational Services

Most companies jump right into using digital measurement and optimization tools without having fully been trained on all of their capabilities. At Web Analytics Demystified we believe this is a huge mistake: why would you expect to appreciate any financial benefit from your investment in digital measurement without ensuring your staff are able to take complete advantage of the technology provided? Web Analytics Demystified employs some of the world’s leaders in digital measurement technology and, through our educational services, can help your team go above and beyond what most end-users know about their web analytics tools.

Training and educational services can be provided on-site or online and include the following:

  • Role based training to cover all phases of an end-user’s progression
  • Training by vertical, use-case, and user experience
  • “Train-the-trainer” sessions for deeper level insights
  • Custom video and “on-demand” training
  • Custom documentation services

The Web Analytics Demystified Partners have directly trained and indirectly influenced thousands of analysts and measurement practitioners around the world since 2002.

We are also offering group training through our "Advanced Analytics Education" classes. Dates have been announced for 2014 in Portland, Oregon and registration is now open!

Tag Management Vendor Selection and Deployment

As web sites become increasingly complicated nearly every organization eventually realizes they have far too many tag-based systems deployed in far too haphazard a manner. The solution is the deployment of a Tag Management System (TMS), essentially a content management system for tag-based applications. Web Analytics Demystified are recognized thought-leaders on the subject of TMS and can help you audit your site and organization to determine:

  • Whether tag management is appropriate for your site and situation
  • What benefits a tag management system is likely to provide your business
  • Which of the emerging TMS vendors are most suitable for your needs
  • How to best migrated from a “multitude” to a “managed” tag environment

If you have interest in this exciting approach towards data collection and digital systems management we recommend reading our white paper on the subject, The Myth of the Universal Tag.

Custom Dashboard Development and Support

Communicating web analytics results in an easily understood and sustainable format is often considered the “last mile” of any web analytics deployment. Web Analytics Demystified works with multiple digital measurement solutions, vendors, and platforms to create integrated, multi-channel dashboards and holistic “effectiveness monitoring” across the business. Our highly customized solutions are able to support:

  • Custom views for specific internal audiences
  • Multi-channel, multi-system, and multi-vendor data integration
  • Data integration and distribution across the Enterprise via custom APIs
  • Full process integration support for existing reporting efforts

If you'd like a live demonstration of our dashboards or would like to discuss our approach towards data integration and visualization please email us directly.

"Team Demystified"

Web Analytics Demystified now offers the world's only managed analytics and optimization staffing program, allowing you to expand your team with Demystified vetted, trained, and supported resources.

Learn more about "Team Demystified" or how how you can join our team!

Legendary Support

Between Web Analytics Wednesday, the Analysis Exchange, and our ACCELERATE conference, Web Analytics Demystified has continually supported the analytics community since 2005.

Learn more about Web Analytics Demystified's longstanding commitment to the web analytics community!

Experts Only

Web Analytics Demystified is run by the best known names in the digital analytics and optimization industry. Adam Greco, John Lovett, and Eric T. Peterson form the core of a team with over 100 years of collective experience.

Learn more about Web Analytics Demystified and the work we do!

Analytics Educators

Web Analytics Demystified is happy to announce a special two-day Advanced Analytics Session covering Adobe's Analytics and Optimization platforms on April 23 and 24, 2014.

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