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Welcome to The Analysis Exchange

The Analysis Exchange is an effort to dramatically increase the number of people on Earth doing web analytics the right way. We provide free web analytics consulting to non-profits and NGOs around the world and our projects take less than four weeks to complete.

Run entirely by Web Analytics Demystified, The Analysis Exchange is creating an entirely new way to teach digital measurement best practices by connecting great causes with experienced mentors and motivated students,

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Non-profits, non-governmental organization, and other causes can help support analyst education by participating in Analysis Exchange projects. In exchange for participation, your group will receive valuable insights about your online initiatives and efforts.
  • No fees or charges
  • Work with experienced mentors
  • Help train future analysts
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Experienced web analytics practitioners acting as mentors can contribute to the entire digital analysis industry by providing guidance to young analysts. In exchange for participation, mentors will contribute to something greater and publicly confirm their expertise!
  • No membership fees or dues
  • Earn valuable Exchange credits
  • Confirm your expertise publicly
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Students can dramatically improve their web analytics skills in mentored, real-world analysis situations. In exchange for participation, students will gain valuable, hands-on experience with the most popular web analytics applications under an experienced tutor.
  • No membership fees or dues
  • Gain experience with industry tools
  • Develop your professional resume
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