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Aurelie Pols Joins Web Analytics Demystified

Europe's most widely recognized web analytics consultant joins forces with the world's most well-known web analytics brand.

MAY 6, 2009 - SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA - Web Analytics Demystified is happy to announce that Aurelie Pols has joined the company as a Principal Consultant expanding the company's presence across the globe and enhancing the breadth of services offered. Mrs. Pols has long been one of the most respected voices in the web analytics community worldwide and Europe's foremost thought-leader on the subject, first as the Head of Analytics for Belgium's OX2 and then as the Director of Analytics for LBi's global web analytics efforts.

"Having known and worked with Aurelie for years I could not be happier about her joining Web Analytics Demystified," said Eric T. Peterson, founder and Principal Consultant. "Her perspective is refined by years of practical work in the field and her experience is unmatched among consultants and vendors across Europe."

"Today Web Analytics Demystified becomes a truly global practice, and I am happy to be leading the way in Europe. Joining forces with Eric, one of the most renowned and respected consultants in the field today, is thrilling," said Mrs. Pols. "I look forward to being able to leverage my tactical measurement experience and working with Eric to expand the strategic use of digital analytics around the world."

In the past Mrs. Pols has worked with hundreds of European companies guiding vendor selection, implementation, and analytical projects based on technology from companies like Google, Yahoo, Omniture, WebTrends, and Nedstat. Her practice at Web Analytics Demystified will likely include a comprehensive vendor evaluation and analysis engagement appropriate for companies at all stages of investment in web and digital analytics.

"Aurelie Pols has been on the forefront of web analytics since the beginning," says Jim Sterne, Chairman of the Web Analytics Association. "While Eric has used the knowledge from his consulting to advance the industry with his opinion, commentary and constructive books, Aurelie has also been enlightening her readers with thought leadership gained from helping some of the largest firms get daily value from web analytics. These are two of the most intelligent people I have ever met."

"At Web Analytics Demystified our goal is to help companies maximize the value returned from their investment in digital measurement technologies," says Peterson. "In the past we have helped companies like Best Buy, Lowes, Disney, ESPN, LEGO, NATO, Shurgard, Anheuser-Busch Inbev, ING, Toyota Motor Europe, Schering Plough, Bayer, Nestle, Deutsche Bank, and more make significantly better use of complex technology. Aurelie is an excellent addition to the team and her ability to add value to our clients is immediate."

About Web Analytics Demystified

Web Analytics Demystified, founded in 2007 by former JupiterResearch analyst Eric T. Peterson and author of O'Reilly & Associates Web Site Measurement Hacks, provides objective guidance to companies working to maximize the return on investment from web analytics. Web Analytics Demystified provides highly customized web analytics consulting to companies of all sizes working with technology like Omniture, WebTrends, Coremetrics, Unica, Nedstat, and Google Analytics. Consulting engagements focus on technology selection, analytics process, staffing and resource allocation, and the use of key performance indicators.

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